Eye Care Services

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Eye Care Services

Hoff Optometry & Eyewear offers truly complete eye care services. Whether you prefer designer glasses or contact lenses, you'll enjoy the best in eye care optometry along with superb customer service. Dr. Hoff and his staff are committed to total customer satisfaction, and you'll love our carefully curated selection of designer eyewear from famous brands like Barton Perreira, Drift, Mykita, Vintage, Allied Metal Works, Masunaga, Lindberg, and many others.

While the style and selection at Hoff Optometry & Eyewear can't be beat, you'llget a lot more than just a pair of glasses or a set of contact lenses when you visit us. Our stylish location on Abbot Kinney Blvd. is a complete eye care center for the whole family. Here's what you can expect when you make an appointment with us:

Eye Exams

Great vision begins with great eye exams. Dr. Hoff and his staff will perform comprehensive eye exams that include refraction, a dilated retinal health exam, glaucoma testing, and visual field testing. If you're a candidate for LASIK, Dr. Hoff can also perform the diagnostic tests and corneal topography mapping necessary to undergo the procedure. The results of your eye exam will help Dr. Hoff write your prescription for eye glasses or contact lenses. The exam will also check for common eye problems, and it will measure how well your eyes work together. Eye exams are also a great indicator of your overall health. Read more about Hoff Optometry & Eyewear eye exams.

Eye Glasses Frames & Lenses

Once your prescription has been determined, it's time to pick out your frames and lenses. Hoff Optometry has a wide selection of hip, trendy styles from the most sought after brands in eyewear, which makes it fun to shop for your perfect look. If you're feeling more sedate, Hoff Optometry has also carries more buttoned-down, no-nonsense designs that are great for work, play, or sports.

Matching lenses to the frames is also an important part of picking out your eye glasses. There are many types of lenses to choose from, and Dr. Hoff and his staff can guide you through the selection process so you end up with the perfect blend of style, comfort, durability, and affordability.

Read more about choosing eye glasses frames and lenses.

Contact Lens Exam

If you'd rather correct your eyesight with contact lenses, you're in luck. Dr. Hoff will give you a thorough contact lens exam in order to prescribe the perfect lens for you. Choosing the proper lens is more involved than just correcting your vision. In order for your contacts to work properly, they need to fit perfectly, and they need to be designed to suit your lifestyle. Dr. Hoff can advise you on the different types of contact lenses available for the level of improvement your eyes require.

Learn more about your contact lens exam here.

Complete Eye Care Is Important

Good eye health is important. Dr. Hoff employs the latest techniques in digital imaging to make his assessment of the overall health of your eyes. This is extremely important for early diagnosis and treatment of potentially devastating eye problems. Records of your eye exams give your optometrist a clear picture of changes in your eye over time. By carefully comparing your latest results to information collected earlier, Dr. Hoff can see any indications of problems like macular degeneration, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy. By catching these problems early, you're much more likely to have a better outcome from early intervention.

Modern eye exams are fast, safe, painless, and non-invasive. It takes only a few moments for Dr. Hoff to make detailed images of your eyes and their underlying tissues.

To take advantage of all the benefits of a thorough eye exam from Dr. Hoff, call or email us today to make an appointment. Hoff Optometry and Eyewear is conveniently located at 1636 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in beautiful Venice, CA. Call 310-452-4633 today, and you'll see better tomorrow!

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