Check Out the Hottest Eyeglass Trends for 2017

The world of fashion never rests, and there's no exception for designer eyewear.  Eyeglasses just might be the most prominent fashion accessory there is, especially if you include sunglasses. While choosing the perfect style for your lifestyle and today's trends can require a lot of searching, you're sure to be able find something that perfectly suits the shape of your face, your hair color, and your approach to fashion. Here's a comprehensive list of the hottest trends for prescription glasses in 2017.

Black Rimmed Glasses Frames

Allied Metal Works A160

Allied Metal Works A160

Dark, substantial eyeglass frames never go out of style. This style is particularly popular during winter months, but it never really looks out of place any time of the year.  Black frames also look great with formal wear, so your regular glasses work on Monday at work, and Sunday at the Oscars. Somewhat more rectangular frames are particularly popular with men, but everyone likes a classic loop lower lens with an upper frame that follows the eyebrow.

Red and Pink Boutique Eyewear

bevel emily cherry

Bevel Emily

If you’re looking for color, red and pink boutique glasses are a great choice for designer eyewear. Red frames make a bold statement, but a classic frame keeps the wild style in control. If you really want to turn heads, pink and purple are a great way to keep from fading in to the wallpaper. Not only are reds and blues popular with ladies, but they’re growing in popularity with men, too.

Tortoise Shell or Horn Rimmed Glasses

Masunaga GMS-32

Horn-rimmed glasses were originally made from horns, or tortoise shells. That's no longer the case, and they're now molded from a durable, dense plastic that mimics the tortoiseshell look. The fascinating, colorful dappled brown patterns of horn-rimmed glasses make them interesting to look at without being gaudy. There are tons of patterns and color shades for designer eyewear if you like the look of tortoisehell.

Cat Eye Glasses

bevel persnickety eyeglasses frames

Bevel Persnickety

Cat eye glasses are a fun style that's always in style if you want something a little different. They;re available in multitudes of multi-color and solid designs. Cat eye glasses have an upsweep at the edges where the arms join the frames. If you’re looking for innovative trends, this one’s an up and comer for the season. Try a pair out and see if this is the style of designer eyewear for you.

Gold Metal Wireframe Glasses

mykita fanny

Mykita Fanny

Particular wireframe styles come and go, but some version of these light, fun frames are always in style. The circular lenses look light and airy in their light golden frames. Unlike traditional aviator frames, the no-nonsense military look is softened by the sleek curves and overall delicate construction. Wireframes look great on men and women. Your optometrist can help choose the right size and shape lenses for your facial features.

Clear Framed Glasses

Barton Perreira glasses frames

Barton Perreira

Clear frames offer a contemporary style like no other pair. Though designer glasses have been made in clear frames for many years, they’ve recently been gaining in popularity. They can be almost invisible from far away, but make a bold, unique statement up close. If you want a truly different look, these glasses may be perfect for you.

It’s important to match your style of glasses to the shape of your face. In general, you’ll want the opposite shape to your face. If you’ve got a round face your glasses will look best if they’re rectangular or angular. On the other hand, square faces look best with circular or ovular glasses. Luckiest of all, oval faces tend to look great in all designs of glasses. No matter your style you’re sure to find a pair of designer eyewear that works for you.

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