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Check Out the Hottest Eyeglass Trends for 2017

The world of fashion never rests, and there's no exception for designer eyewear.  Eyeglasses just might be the most prominent fashion accessory there is, especially if you include sunglasses. While choosing the perfect style for your lifestyle and today's trends can require a lot of searching, you're sure to be able find something that perfectly…
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Banish Those Puffy Eyes With These Simple Remedies

Your eyes are the most expressive feature on your face. When people look at you, they see your eyes first. It only makes sense to want your eyes to look as good as they possible can. There are lots of things that you can do to make sure you get the most complete eye care…
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How To Really Take Care of Your Designer Prescription Glasses

You’ve found that perfect pair of designer prescription glasses. They’re comfortable, effective, and most importantly they look great!  If you’re still on the fence about which pair of designer prescription glasses would look great on you, check out this article from Vogue discussing the latest fashions in eyewear. Once you’ve decided which pair of glasses…
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Every Day Is a Good Day for UV Protection

The most cherished and important of all of our senses is vision.  Your vision compromises up to 80% of your senses. In fact, more money is spent on eyewear to correct deficient eyesight than any other body sense. Most people understand that Ultraviolet light (UV) exposure is bad for your eyes. Exposure to UV radiation can…
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