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Keep Your Eyes on Your Sight When You’re Driving at Night

The inability to see properly at night or in low light conditions affects everyone to some extent. This can be particularly noticeable while driving in the winter season with short days and long evening hours. Poor weather conditions, as well as bright oncoming car headlights, can add to the problem and make night driving dangerous.…
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Everything You Need to Know About The Importance Of Eye Exams

Eye exams are an important part of your general health. However, you might find it easy to overlook them. Over time you might have worsening vision, but so little that you don’t notice it. You should have your eyes checked regularly to ensure you catch any vision problems early. Additionally, another benefit to regular eye…
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4 Smart Ways To Prevent Eye Injuries

It’s no secret that your eyes are important. They’re also very vulnerable. Even so, studies show that over 90 percent of eye injuries in the workplace could have been prevented simply by wearing safety glasses. More than one million people in the US suffer from injuries that can easily be prevented with the right kind of…
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How to Tell When It’s Time for Progressive Lenses (Bifocals)

When you hear bifocals, distinct images come to your mind. You’re going to think of A grandmother, sitting in her chair knitting, head tilted down to see what she’s knitting. Otherwise, you see the old man at his desk, reading through his bifocals he got from the eye clinic. Your eyes are always changing. Once…
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