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Retail Report/ Dr. Hoff, Hoff Optometry

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Nestled in the heart of Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney Boulevard  is one of Los Angele’s hippest areas for unique shopping, featuring home-grown artists and designers in a mix of modern chic and old school. We sipped the most delicious gin and tonics and spoke with Dr. Hoff of Hoff Optometry on Abbott Kinney to find out the very best in the neighborhood.

Can you please tell us a little bit about your practice? I am a 1992 Graduate of Southern California College of Optometry, Fullerton, CA, a 20 year Santa Monica resident, and 2 1/2 years on Abbot Kinney Boulevard – the perfect beach neighborhood, eclectic and friendly. What are you always searching for perfection in? A margarita Peace, culture, or adventure? Peace, a quiet beach bike ride in the morning or at sunset. Perfect souvenir? Shells or stones. I have a jar filled with vacation finds. Favorite Beach? Ocean Park. Family oriented, clean with great views north and south. At the end of Ocean Park Boulevard.

Ocean Park Beach, July 4th 1952, 2600 Barnard Way Santa Monica, CA 90405

Your favorite store? Tortoise – Japanese novelties

Tortoise 1342 1/2 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice CA 90291

Your favorite eatery? The Tasting Kitchen – small sharable plates, friendly staff

The Tasting Kitchen, 1633 Abbot Kinney Boulevard  Venice, CA 90291

Your favorite place to stay?Casa Del Mar – historic, quiet, on the beach! Hotel Casa del Mar 1910 Ocean Way  Santa Monica, CA 90405

Thank you Dr. Hoff!

GQ Magazine; Hoff Optometry on “most happening shopping destination in America”

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Barton Perreira – Marina in Spanish Cedar

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Hoff Optometry on AnOther Magazine’s “LOVES” Blog

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The london based style magazine AnOther featured Barton Perreira’s Hanson frames as found at Hoff Optometry.

Vintage Collection

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Where Magazine – Los Angeles, September Issue

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Angeleno Magazine Features Hoff Optometry

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Check out this piece in the July issue of Angeleno Magazine!

Cassius Blog Covers Hoff Optometry

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The Cassius Eyewear official blog covered Damon Salvatore visiting our store, and had some nice things to say:

Star of CWTV’s “The Vampire Diaries” Ian Somerhalder, (who plays vampire brother, Damon Salvatore) drops in to exclusive Cassius Eyewear stockist, Hoff Optometry in Venice, CA, to do some shopping.

“Hoff Optometry & Eyewear has been getting a lot of attention, and is “the” place to shop for eyewear and sunglasses in Venice, among some of the great feedback they’ve received; “We were pleased that Hoff Optometry offers so many different styles. They carry amazing sunglasses too like CASSIUS which are nearly impossible to find in L.A.”

Make Over Your Man in 7 Days

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On She Knows, I give some advice on some simple but effective ways you can upgrade a man’s look:


Switching to contacts or simply updating a man’s eyeglass frames can do wonders for his look. Dr. James Hoff, owner of the new Hoff Optometry and Eyewear in Venice Beach, explains: “In selecting eyewear, go for a shape that is different than your facial shape. If you have a strong jaw or cheekbones, round and oval frames may look best. With rounder faces, a frame with more angles will probably complement your features. Geek or bold chunky styles are really current right now, but don’t choose a style over something that complements your particular looks.” Even if your guy doesn’t have poor vision, he probably wears shades. Hoff continues, “With sunglasses, remember that, often, a lens that is a little lighter still allows the opposite sex to see your eyes while you’re wearing them. The eyes are the window to the soul, but you have to see them first.”

Vintage Collection

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